accessories-unironicsBACnet to Modbus Gateway

BUY – GW-BAC1 – BACnet to Modbus Gateway


Uni-COM™ modules

Uni-COM™ modules are compatible with UniStream™ family of Programmable Logic Controllers. They are snapped onto the back of a UniStream™ HMI Panel next to a CPU-for-Panel to add ports to an all-in-one HMI + PLC controller. UAC-01RS2 offers one RS232 port, UAC-02RS2 offers two RS232 ports, UAC-02RSC offers one RS232 port and one RS485 port. Installation Guides are available in the Unitronics Technical Library at

BUY – UAC-01RS2 – UNI-COM – 1xRS232

BUY – UAC-02RS2 – UNI-COM – 2xRS232

BUY – UAC-02RSC – UNI-COM – 1xRS232, 1xRS485