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Unitronics M91-2-R2C

  • 10 Digital Inputs including 3 Inputs which can function as either high-speed counters, shaft encoders, frequency measurers or as normal digital inputs
  • 2 Analog Input
  • 6 Relay Outputs
  • 2 Lines x 16 characters, STN LCD, LED backlight HMI Displays
  • RS232 Communication Port
  • CANbus
  • MODbus
  • GSM support – enables SMS messages
  • 12/24 VDC power supply

Jazz® and M91™

For simple PLC control—with text-only HMI + keypad

Jazz ® & M91™ are full-function programmable controllers (PLCs) with onboard I/Os and a built-in textual HMI panel, specifically designed to control small machines and simple-to-medium automation tasks. Compact, economical–low-budget control without compromising on features.

U90 Ladder: Jazz & M91 Programmable Controllers

U90 Ladder™ – Jazz® & M91™ Software

All-in-One programming environment. Simple development of both Ladder and HMI applications.

Jazz® & M91™ Hardware

Both Jazz® &  M91™ HMI panels offer 2 lines x 16 characters text display and embedded keypad. Both are available in models offering a range of on-board I/O configurations including high-speed and temperature options.M91 programmable controllers are scalable, and are compatible with a full line of I/O expansion modules.


PLC with 2 lines text display  HMI and keypad. Contains onboard I/O.


PLC with 2 lines text display  HMI and keypad. Contains onboard I/O and accepts I/O expansions; expands up to 150 I/Os.

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Dimensions 10 × 8 × 10 in