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The Hitachi WJ200 offers PLC-like functionality with the Easy Sequence (EzSQ) programming function.Thanks to the advanced sensorless vector control the WJ200 offers high starting torque and dramatically improved speed stability; making it great for fast stopping applications.

Programs up to 1024 lines can be created on a PC, using this structured language tool, and can then be transferred to the WJ200. This allows very sophisticated control schemes to be created without the use of external controllers.

Simple position control applications are also possible with the Hitachi WJ200 using the integrated pulse input. Our dual rated (CT/VT) Hitachi WJ200 can drive both induction motors and permanent magnet (PM) motors – a single drive for two motor realms.

Other standard features include:

  • A safe-stop function
  • Easy set up and operation with standard integral keypad, optional enhanced keypad or via PC software
  • Simplified autotuning procedure
  • Password protection of parameters
  • Real-time clock, standard Modbus/RTU RS-485 serial port
  • Simple position control is possible with integrated pulse input
  • Micro surge voltage suppression
  • Dynamic braking circuit
  • New and more effective trip avoidance functions
  • Capability of driving permanent magnet, as well as standard, induction motors
  • IP20 rated housing
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Safe-stop function and much more….

The WJ200 is designed for long service with bus capacitors and cooling fans designed for 10 year life and a varnish coating on the circuit boards.

This series competes with the following models:

  • Omron MX
  • Yaskawa V1000
  • Mitsubishi D700
  • Allen Bradley PowerFlex 4

AC Drive, 7.5hp, 400 volt, 3 Phase IP20, Sensorless Vector

The Hitachi SJ200 series was replaced by the WJ200 series.

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